Дальневосточный филиал
Федерального государственного бюджетного
образовательного учреждения высшего образования
"Всероссийская академия внешней торговли
Министерства экономического развития
Российской Федерации"

Law faculty

Law faculty is the oldest faculty of the Branch. The first lawyers graduated in 1999.

High social and political significance of a professional lawyer in modern society   determines special attention paid to the professional training in this field. The faculty aims at training highly qualified specialists, who have studied the main achievements of civilization, obtained the whole complex of legal knowledge, orientate well in both domestic and international law.

The faculty implements bachelor educational programs in Law for the profiles of Civil law, Criminal law, International law and Master’s program in Law for the profile of Business, Commercial Law.

Having in mind requirements of modern time and foreign economic activity  orientation of the training process at the academy  the syllabuses  include  besides disciplines required by the Federal State Standard of Higher Education such disciplines as International economic law, International commercial arbitration, European law, International law, International investments, Legal Regulation of foreign economic activity, International  purchase and sale, Legal and protocol aspects of  business communication  etc.

The obtained knowledge helps graduates to solve legal problems of market economy and business activity, defend the freedom of contracts, follow the professional ethics standards in work, engage in international activity.

The highly qualified staff with scientific degrees and titles, as well as leading practical specialists of Kamchatka region provide the educational process in Law.

Thoughtful approach to organizing practice helps many students to find jobs in the professional field a year before the graduation.

The graduates receive the Bachelor’s (or the Bachelor’s with Foreign language as minor), or the Master’s Degree of Higher education by All Russian Foreign trade academy (Moscow). The Bachelor-graduate, having completed the basic educational program, can freely orientate in legal practice in civil, criminal or international fields. Knowledge of professional legal English enables graduates to work in the field of foreign economic activity and international cooperation.    The graduates can work as lecturers if they continue to study for master’s or scientific degree.

The fields of professional activity of graduates in the profile of Civil law include the state bodies of the Ministry for Finance, Federal Tax Service, the bodies of federal, territorial and municipal levels, as well as notary and advocacy, administrative bodies, company legal departments of any forms of property.

 The fields of professional activity of graduates in the profile of Criminal law include courts, prosecutor’s office, Federal security Service, Internal Ministry bodies, Customs, Justice authorities, advocacy.

The fields of professional activity of graduates in the profile of International law  include working as legal expert, consultant on International law, company legal counsel, lawyer (on foreign economic and political activity), working in law enforcement  or national security bodies, in local government  etc.

Graduates with Master’s degree in the profile of Business and Commercial law are trained to work in the following professional activities: law-making, law enforcement, expert- consulting, organizational and managerial, scientific research, pedagogical.

Graduates Employment:

  • Kamchatka regional government, Petropavlovsk–Kamchatsky city district administration
  • Legislative assembly of Kamchatka region
  • Local government bodies
  • Kamchatka regional, city and district courts
  • Kamchatka Customs
  • Kamchatka Judicial Department
  • Kamchatka regional Arbitration Court
  • Kamchatka Notary Chamber
  • Kamchatka Federal security Service
  • Public JSC Kamchatgasprom
  • Kamchatka regional Pension Fund
  • Kamchatka regional Federal Registration Service Department
  • Public JSC Geoterm
  • Kamchatka regional Prosecutor’s office
  • Kamchatka regional Internal Ministry
  • Kamchatka regional Advocacy
  • Kamchatka regional Bailiffs Service
  • Kamchatka regional Investigatory Committee
  • Kamchatka regional Ministry of Justice
  • Insurance companies
  • Kamchatka regional Employment center
  • Petropavlovsk –Kamchatsky Federal Tax Service
  • Private JSC Acros
  • Universalagroservice Ltd
  • Public JSC Pauzhetskay Geopowerplant
  • Kamchatka regional Standardization Center
  • Public JSC Kamchatskoe pivo
  • CB Kamchatka Ltd
  • Kamchatka state regional Business Support Fund
  • JSC Kamchatnefteproduct
  • JSC Kamchatkommunenergo
  • Kamchatka state Employment center of Kluchi settlement
  • Kamchatka regional Emergency department