Дальневосточный филиал
Федерального государственного бюджетного
образовательного учреждения высшего образования
"Всероссийская академия внешней торговли
Министерства экономического развития
Российской Федерации"

International cooperation

The academy Branch strives for integration into the world and European educational systems and training specialists of the international level, and this determines a number of projects implemented by the  Branch for finding international contacts and developing comprehensive ties in the field of education, research and business.

Developing partnership relations with universities of Europe, Asia and North America is aimed at promoting academic mobility and modern educational programs.

This is implemented through communication and establishing international contacts, experience exchange among the academic faculties and students, participation in international seminars and conferences, publications in international editions.

International activity is carried out by the academy’s departments, including those directly working with students (assistant director for out-of -class work, student council, student scientific society), as well as the Branch director.

The international cooperation and its prospects, the report in this field are annually discussed at the Branch academic council.