Дальневосточный филиал
Федерального государственного бюджетного
образовательного учреждения высшего образования
"Всероссийская академия внешней торговли
Министерства экономического развития
Российской Федерации"

Scientific Work

The Branch has created its own concept of developing scientific research, its forms and purposes, meeting those will enable to raise the quality of training specialists. The Branch academic council has approved the Regulations on Planning and organizing scientific research at the Far East Branch of the foreign trade academy. (Minutes No5 of 23.12.2014).

Under the Program of development of the Branch for 2017-2025, approved by the Branch academic council, the scientific research includes the following tasks:

-introducing modern and efficient remuneration system of researchers on the basis of indicators of the results and quality of work;

- raising the number of research studies done and expansion of the list of fundamental and applied studies, carried out by the faculty;

- raising the number of publications of the Branch faculty in Russian and foreign science magazines;

- providing regular publications on the most topical economic issues, forming the list of regular and one-time publications;

- raising the number of publications and speeches of the Branch faculty in the leading Russian media;

- more active involvement of the Branch faculty, students and undergraduates in science research work;

-  maximal use of the science research potential of the Branch in providing educational process and developing science research;

- expansion of the list of applied research;

- raising the level of competitiveness and demand for the results of the Branch faculty research in Kamchatka and the Far East  region;

- improving the system of preparation of the scientific and teaching staff through post –graduate and doctoral studies;

- improving control of the dissertation preparation;

- creating conditions for developing fundamental research based on advanced technologies;

- raising the number of applications for participation in regional programs and contests especially in educational, scientific and methodological;

- developing the concept and mechanism of the Branch innovative policy in the field of scientific research;

- developing cooperation with scientific research and other organizations and companies aimed at mutual solution of scientific and applied tasks and introducing scientific developments into production;

-developing forms of scientific cooperation with regional administration;

- developing scientific research management system;

- improving the activities of the Branch Student Scientific Society;

- creating conditions for realization of students scientific potential, providing conditions for preparation of the most talented students for teaching and scientific activities, creating the system of moral and material encouragement of gifted students;

 -creating conditions for regulatory support and legal protection of scientific developments, intellectual property and copyright of the faculty;

-  encouraging international scientific cooperation, joint work, conferences, seminars with international universities.

Scientific research is carried out by the Branch faculty as part of their annual work, as well as by the scientific laboratory researchers, who work in close cooperation with Branch departments in accordance with the approved fields of activities.

The Branch Academic Council annually hears the plan and reports on the scientific research work.  Special attention is paid to the research work of the regional fields, and that involving international cooperation, complex research issues, done by several departments of the Branch. Solving the problems of socio-economic development of Kamchatka region is the priority of the Branch scientific research.

The scientific research in the Branch is held in the following directions:

  1. Fundamental or applied scientific research;
  2. Preparing dissertations, monograghs, papers, treatises;
  3. Holding conferences, symposia, round tables, seminars etc.;
  4. Publicizing collections of scientific papers, conference materials, collections of students scientific papers;
  5. Participation in Science and Innovation Council of the Governor of Kamchatka region;
  6. Guiding scientific research of students.